Mini-Split Systems


Energy Efficiency With Optimal Comfort

Luxaire® mini-split systems are designed to provide exceptional efficiency and optimal comfort precisely where you need it.

Luxaire® Mini-Split Systems suit a wide range of residential and commercial applications including:

Room additions
A practical and economical
solution compared to upgrading
existing systems.

Apartments, condominiums,
and townhouses
An ideal solution compared to
the hassle, noise, obstructed view,
and other issues associated with
typical window units.

Older houses where ducts are not available
A smart, effective way to add
air conditioning that does not
require extensive construction or

Buildings with remote or
separated offices
Perfect for supermarket
administrative offices,
manufacturing supervisor offices,
parking lot structures and mobile
offices at construction sites.

Small business applications
For convenience stores, fast-food
restaurants, coffee shops, daycare
centers and the like.

Extra and back-up cooling
For areas that are mission-critical
or areas where cooling demand
cannot be met with existing

Electrical and IT closets
Ideal solution to add extra cooling
to spaces with heat-generating

Wineries or small areas with
stringent heating or cooling
An economical and easy-to install solution for businesses
with the need for tight
temperature control. 

R Series 20 SEER Single Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System

P Series 18 SEER Single Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System