Luxaire® Gas Furnaces


A New Level of Comfort

Winter will never be as comfortable as it is with a Luxaire® gas furnace. Save money with furnaces that achieve AFUE efficiency levels as high as 98%, and enjoy years of quiet, consistent comfort thanks to reliable, proven construction.

Long-Term Savings

Our gas furnaces reach efficiency ratings as high as 98% AFUE and feature reliable construction, helping reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Trusted Support

Luxaire® Certified Comfort Expert™ contractors accurately install and service our furnaces for consistent, reliable comfort.

Consistent Performance

Our gas furnaces adjust to meet your comfort requirements via two-stage operation, variable speed technology and smart controls.

Absolute Assurance

With precision craftsmanship and industry-leading warranties, Luxaire® furnaces provide peace of mind that lasts.

TL8E 80% AFUE Single Stage, Ultra-Low NOx Furnace

TL9E 95% AFUE Single Stage Ultra Low NOx Furnace

TM9V 96% AFUE Two Stage Variable Speed Furnace

LP9C 98% Modulating Gas Furnace